Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side played their hearts out and stopped the in-form Liverpool from clinching three points at Old Trafford last night.

Yesterday wasn’t a good day for United in terms of injuries. During the warm-up for the game, Nemanja Matic got injured and Scott McTominay was added to starting XI. This injury issue was just the beginning of a night, where United were going to be struck with three more players injury.

In our prediction, we suggested that United will score one goal while Liverpool will equalize to share a point each with the Red Devils. Well, it turned out almost the same as both the sides shared a point each. Leaving not a single goal was scored from either of the sides.

When you have two in-form sides and especially the title contenders on the pitch. One always expects an entertaining game in terms of scoring goals. Nevertheless, this fixture was nothing close to that and it just looked like the visitors want to settle for one point.

United were struggling on the pitch from the starting on this encounter. Within 45 minutes, three United players were substituted after acquiring muscle injuries. The first player to leave the field was Ander Herrera and his former Spanish teammate, Juan Mata, followed him to the dressing room.

In the 42nd Minute, United got a brilliant chance of starting the proceedings but failed in their attempt. Paul Pogba passed the ball to Romelu Lukaku, who was present right outside the box. The Belgian striker noticed Jesse Lingard run and made a through pass to him. The Englishman cut the ball towards his right but couldn’t get past the charging Alisson Becker.

The Liverpool goalkeeper got his hands on the ball and Lingard came down to the ground after this collision. The Englishman had returned from injury and he wasn’t 100% fit as this one tackle got him substituted.

This was the only solid chance from this encounter as none of the two sides tried their best to get one at the back of the net.

In the other game, Arsenal defeated Southampton 2-0 and moved to the fourth position with United shifting down to fifth after this draw.  Liverpool, on the other hand, became league leaders again as they are just one point above their title rivals, Manchester City.


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