Battles to look out for:

Cristiano Ronaldo vs Jose Gimenez

Cristiano Ronaldo vs Jose Gimenez Juventus
Cristiano Ronaldo vs Jose Gimenez

In the 1st leg, Jose Gimenez and his teammates succeeded in keeping Cristiano Ronaldo silent. Will it happen again tonight? I doubt because keeping the Portuguese silent in an important game and especially in the Champions League is not easy.

Ronaldo will be looking for an early goal because that will increase the chance of scoring more goals. Also, scoring an early goal will put pressure on Atleti. Moreover, an early goal from the Old Lady will force the visitors to attack, which will open more space at the backline of Los Rojiblancos.

Gimenez, on the other hand, will try to put pressure on Ronaldo and provide him no space to link up with his teammates. Also, the defender will need support from his backline because stopping Ronaldo alone is not an easy task.

Leonardo Bonucci vs Antoine Griezmann

Leonardo Bonucci vs Antoine Griezmann Juventus
Leonardo Bonucci vs Antoine Griezmann

This is going to be an interesting battle because in the 1st leg Leonardo Bonucci was successful in keeping Antoine Griezmann silent, but Juventus still conceded two goals. As the defense was playing too high and wasn’t intact.

It is an important fixture for both these players because their performance tonight will determine, which club will go in the next round.

Bonucci has to keep Griezmann silent because if the Frenchman will get a chance to score then he won’t miss it. Also, Diego Costa is absent, which means the Griezmann is the only solid chance player that Atleti have upfront. In addition, the defender has to make sure that there is no open space in the backline and defenders follow the instructions.

Griezmann, on the other hand, will try to score a goal on the counter-attack and end the Champions League journey of Juventus. However, getting past the Old Lady backline alone is not easy. So, the Frenchman will require help from his teammates.


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