What’s the issue?

Since the departure of Arsene Wenger from Arsenal. A lot has changed at the club. Unai Emery was selected as the successor of Wenger, who served for Arsenal for more than two decades.

Everybody knew that replacing Wenger is not an easy task. However, the former PSG manager took it as a challenge and he did manage to provide decent start in this season so far.

The new Arsenal manager made couple of new signings that helped the Gunners in putting up some brilliant performances in the Premier League this season. However, among these new transfers, one player that got overshadowed was Aaron Ramsey.

The contract of Welshman with Arsenal is going to end by the next summer transfer window. The management of Gunners tried to discuss a new contract with Ramsey, but it has been reported that the 27-year-old midfielder was asking for a pay rise. This became an issue for Arsenal and now they are planning to let Ramsey leave by the end of this season.

The Welshman has served for Arsenal for almost a decade. The Whales midfielder has given some outstanding performances and has shown that he has a lot of football still left in him. However, according to reports, it is said that Ramsey might leave Arsenal and join the former Bundesliga champions, Bayern Munich.

Arsenal’s plan

The Gunners are still trying to get a cut price for Ramsey because there will be clubs, who are ready to make the Welshman part of their roster. Also, this amount from his transfer will help Arsenal in buying one or two more players that will improve their bench strength.

Many people have shared their opinion on Ramsey leaving Arsenal. Few have told that it’s a good decision while others said that he should stay at the club. According to me, it is a good decision from the Gunners to let Ramsey leave in the summer. Because the Emirates outfit have a quite decent players in their squad, who can come in place of the Welshman and help the club in winning games.

Why the Gunners are not providing new contract?

It is reported that Ramsey asked the club management to double his weekly wages and get it to somewhere close to Mesut Ozil salary. However, the club thinks that the fee is a lot and they can get better players in that same amount.

I don’t know whether Arsenal will get a better player than Ramsey in that amount because the salary and transfer fee of players has increased a lot in the last couple of years. However, I completely agree with the Gunners board decision because the Welshman is not fitting the team. Yes, he has given some phenomenal performances this season but most of the times the 27-year-old midfielder was brought on to the field as a substitution.


It is better for Ramsey that he leaves Arsenal and play for some other club, where he will get more playing time. The Welshman should be looking to make a great impact in his last few years in the footballing world. Also, if he wants to do that then there is a huge need for a change because it’s not possible for him to make an impact at Arsenal.

The Gunners are going through a change and it will take a couple of seasons to win a trophy. Even if Ramsey stays, he won’t win anything win Arsenal and will not get playing time. So, considering that I would say that not providing a new contract to the Welshman is a good decision for both club and player.



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