The Golden Glove award was started in 2004/2005 season of the Premier League. The award is given to a goalkeeper who keeps most number of clean sheets in a full season. If there are two goalkeepers with the same number of clean sheets at the end of the season, then both of them shares the award. Till 2015/2016 season, the honor was known as Barclays Golden Glove because of the sponsorship purposes. Petr Cech and Joe Hart are the two keepers who have won the joint-most number of Golden Gloves, four.

The award means a lot to the goalkeeper and the team because it determines how the team has performed in defense. Also, the honor is given to the person who is standing on goal. But people forget that it’s a joint effort from both defenders and goalkeeper. Here, we have listed down the top five goalkeepers from the Premier League who have recorded the most number of clean sheets to win the Golden Glove award.


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