United States, Canada and Mexico won the rights to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup. This is first time that a group of three nations are going to host a World Cup. In the history of World Cup, South Korea and Japan were the only group of two countries that hosted 2002 World Cup together.

Total of 48 nations are going to participate in the 2026 FIFA World Cup. All three nations are going to host 80 World Cup games. US alone will host 60 games while Mexico and Canada will share 10 games each.

The requirement that was put up by FIFA to make a bid was to build a new style stadium that can accommodate 80,000 fans in the final of the 2026 World Cup. After, looking at the requirement, Morocco proposed that they will build a new stadium in the capital of the country. The stadium would have accommodated 120,000 fans at once. Also, Morocco proposed that they will be constructing many new stadiums for the competition. However, US, Canada and Mexico already have stadiums that can accommodate large number of football fans.

There were two bids on the table, first bid was from a combined group of US, Mexico and Canada while the second bid was from Morocco. Looking at the numbers, there were 211 nations for voting but only 200 were eligible to vote for the selection of host. This was the first time that FIFA has organised an open voting session. This happened because of corruption cases related to the selection of host countries in the past. Out of 200 nations, 164 nations voted for the team of three, 65 nations voted in the favour of Morocco and Togo was the only country that chose “Neither” as the option.

As Russia is hosting 2018 World Cup and Qatar will host the 2022 World Cup, there was no bidding allowed from European or Asian countries. Morocco wanted to become the first North African nation to become the host of the World Cup. However, they fell short against a joint bid from three countries of CONCACAF.

The group of US, Canada and Mexico promised FIFA a profit of £8.2 Billion during the time of the World Cup and Morocco promised a profit of £4.48 Billion. This seems to be a major reason why the votes were given to the team of three nations.

In addition, the US hosted the 1994 FIFA World Cup and that was the most successful World Cup in terms of audience so far. The average attendance in the 1994 World Cup was 69,000 per game.

It looks like that because of all these reasons. The 134 nations voted in the favour of US, Canada and Mexico. Also, even the English FA voted in the favour of the North American bid but praised Morocco for their bid and ability to host a big tournament like FIFA World Cup.

Picture Credits: Eagle Online


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