The VAR technology and Paul Pogba played a huge role in France win against Australia. This was the first time that the VAR was used in the World Cup game. Also, to be honest, it was a great decision to add it because it worked in the favor of the correct decision.

Once again, our prediction wasn’t accurate but I’m quite happy with it because unexpected teams are giving a tough fight to strong opponents. The match was quite interesting as both the sides gave best on the field and tried to stop each other from getting lead. However, In the end, France found a slight edge over the minnows and won the game 2-1.

The game was dominated by France in terms of possession, but Australia was in the game until the 2nd goal from Pogba. We thought that the Socceroos will just defend and not go ahead to attack, but we were wrong. The Australian players defended brilliantly and at the same time they went ahead and created problems for French defenders. In the first half of the game, it didn’t look like that one team is better than other because both were playing a fantastic game.

France made many attempts to get ahead in the game but was denied by brilliant Australian back line. There were instances when Griezmann got really close to scoring the goal, but Australian defenders were pin perfect in making the tackles and interceptions. At the end of first half, both the teams were unable to get ahead, and the match was stopped for a break at 0-0.

In the second half of the game, both the teams once again were battling to go ahead and get the breakthrough. The turning point arrived in the 54th minute of the game. Pogba gave a through pass from the middle of two Australian defenders. The pass reached Antoine Griezmann and he took it to the Australian box. However, the Frenchman was unable to score as he was brought down inside the 30-yard-box by Josh Risdon. The referee didn’t give foul or penalty and the game continued. Later, when the ball went out, the French players protested for the foul and referee decided to take help of VAR. After looking at the replay with the help of VAR technology, the match official gave a penalty to the Blues and a yellow card to Risdon for his foul.

Griezmann came ahead to take the shot from 12 yards and succeeded in scoring the first goal of the match. The French striker stayed composed and put the ball on the right side of the net giving Australian goalkeeper no chance to stop it. In the 60th minute, the Socceroos got free-kick on the right flank. The ball was crossed inside the box and made a contact with Samuel Umtiti hand. The referee didn’t take a lot of time at this moment and gave the foul in the favor of the Australian side. The Australian captain Mile Jedinak stood up to take the penalty for his side and calmly put it behind Hugo Lloris at the back of the net.

Once again, the match was at all square and both the teams started working hard to win the match. In the 70th minute of the game, Olivier Giroud came on as a substitute for Griezmann and the momentum of the match shifted towards France completely. In the 80th minute, Giroud linked up with Pogba right outside Australian box and made a brilliant ball for Manchester United midfielder. Pogboom took a lofted shot on the first touch and ball went over the head of Mathew Ryan taking deflection from the crossbar and landing inside the goal line and then bouncing back outside the goal. The referee wasn’t sure about the goal and took the assistance of technology on the watch and awarded the goal in Frenchman’s favor.

After this goal, there were many instances on which the Blues came close to score the third goal but were unable to capitalize. At last, the match ended at 2-1 in the favor of French players.


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