In the first clash of Group C, France is going to face Australia at Kazan Arena. There is no doubt that France is going to win this game, but it will be interesting to see by how much margin they win this game. Australia, on the other hand, might be able to perform well against other nations such as Peru and Denmark present in the same group. However, they stand no chance against a strong French squad.

France played three friendlies, out of which they won two and drew one. Meanwhile, Australia won both of their warm-up games. This shows that if French players will take the opposition lightly then they might get hurt.

France is among the favorites to win the 2018 FIFA World Cup and if they want to make a strong statement for other nations then they must trounce Austalia. Also, if by chance Australia is able to defeat the Blues then it will be the biggest upset of this World Cup campaign.

The squad of France is filled with star-players and there is no doubt that if they play together as a team then they can win this World Cup. However, one thing that is still missing from this squad is an experience. There are times when the French players start playing as individual players and not as a whole team. We saw this in the final of European Championship when they lost to Portugal in the final. The Portuguese were minnows in that competition but together as a team, they were able to defeat the strong team of France.

Looking at the Australian side, they have few players who play in the English Premier League. Also, there are few players with experience. Australia has to play as a group and the linking has to be amazing just like it was there among Egyptians during the clash against Uruguay. The Australian side will try to focus on defending more than on anything else because they also know that they are a weaker side in the clash against France. Also, the only thing that can save them from heavy defeat is good defending at the back line.


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