Real Madrid and Barcelona destroyed assumptions of boring El Clasico or should I say that the referee made the match interesting after producing a list of wrong decisions. Well, I will get down to that in the game analysis section but for now, let’s just discuss what happened during the match.

The last night match at Camp Nou was nothing less than a firecracker. Even though none of the team were able to win the match, there was still no time to blink as both the teams were pounding shots against each other.

Luis Suarez started the proceedings after scoring in the 10th minute of the game. The Uruguayan started the gameplay from midfield after passing the ball to Sergio Roberto on the right flank. And then scored from a volley after receiving a perfect cross from the Spaniard inside the 30-yard-box. Everybody thought that Barcelona will trounce Los Blancos after an early strike and will end up on the winning side. But Cristiano Ronaldo had some other plan and after scoring in the 14th minute of the game, it became clear that it won’t be easy for Barcelona to win this one. Once the scoreboard was 1-1, Real Madrid dominated the first half of the game but couldn’t take a lead.

Also, how can players stay calm and not brawl against each other, Isn’t that bad for El Clasico? The players had the same thing in mind and essentially the history of El Clasico also exhibit, how bad the game gets as it progresses. And the same thing happened in this El Clasico as well. It started from Jordi Alba holding Luka Modric’s neck but not receiving any penalty from the referee. Then Messi received a yellow card for a filthy foul on Sergio Ramos and Gareth Bale escaped a send-off after stamping Umtiti on the right wing. During the closing minutes of the first half, Roberto punched Marcelo right outside the Catalans’ box and received first red card of the match. At the end of the first half, five yellow cards and one red card were given out to both the teams.

Although Barcelona was down to 10-man, they still dominated the second half of the game. Ronaldo was subbed off during the break after suffering an injury while scoring the first goal. This gave a huge blow to Los Blancos as their in-form winger was on bench for the rest of the 45 minutes of the game. The Blaugrana got an early lead from Messi’s clinical finish in the second half. This goal should have been disallowed because Suarez fouled Raphael Varane on the left flank before passing the ball to Leo. Les Meringues’ defenders kept protesting for the foul but there was no response from the referee. And ‘Messiah’ didn’t miss this opportunity and placed the ball in the left bottom corner, giving no chance to Keylor Navas to stop it. After this incident, the Catalans were all over Los Blancos and gave no chance to them to level the score.

It took a stunner from the Welsh to level the score for Los Blancos. Asensio passed the ball from the left flank which found Bale right outside Barca’s box. The Madrid winger then took a shot from left leg which ended in the left top corner, giving no chance to Marc-André ter Stegen to stop it. In the 76th minute, Marcelo went down inside the Catalans box after a foul from Jordi Alba. But the referee went against the Brazilian as he thought that the Madrid defender dived for a penalty. Once the replay was played, one could clearly see that it was a clear penalty and a card to Alba.

The game ended at 2-2 and that was because of the wrong decisions from referees. If referee would have taken proper decisions, then maybe the game would have ended in the favor of one of either two teams and not in a draw.


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