Xherdan Shaqiri scored a quick brace as Liverpool went on to defeat Manchester United at home after five years. The last time when the Reds got better of their opponents at Anfield was back in 2013-14. When they won 1-0 against the Red Devils.

Most of us predicted this game to end in the favor of Liverpool but none of us expected it turn out this bad for United. The Red Devils were totally outperformed by the hosts last night. There was not a single aspect in which United were better than the Reds on the pitch.

In our prediction, we told that Liverpool will win but we did not expect them to get three behind the net. Also, we predicted that United will not get back a single goal, but they might score one lucky goal and they did. Moreover, we told that the Reds will dominate the game and they did as they had 30 more attempts than the visitors last night.

The game started as we expected on a high pitch, where Liverpool players were too quick and United roster was finding it hard to deal with it. The Reds didn’t let the momentum shift and found an early breakthrough in the 24th minute of the game. Fabinho was the playmaker here as he dinked a brilliant ball over the United backline that found Sadio Mane inside the box. The Senegalese winger collected the ball perfectly from his chest and got it down to his feet. Before sliding it behind David de Gea at the back of the net.

This goal was expected as Liverpool were over the top of the Red Devils from the beginning of this fixture. However, United didn’t take a lot of time to score the equalizer.

In the 33rd minute, Romelu Lukaku sliced a brilliant cross from the left flank that went directly to Alisson Becker. The Brazilian goalkeeper took it lightly and gave away the ball to Jesse Lingard. The United midfielder did not make any mistake and whipped the ball at the back of the net. Till the 70th minute, the game stood at the same point from where we started it. Both the sides were winning a point each.

However, Liverpool’s motive was clearly not to lose a single point against substandard United. In the 70th minute, Xherdan Shaqiri came on as a sub and gave Liverpool attack a much-needed pace. The Swiss midfielder took only three minutes before getting his name on the scoresheet.

Once again Mane was involved in the goal but this time as a playmaker. The Senegalese winger tried to score from an acute angle but De Gea kicked it away. The Ball found Shaqiri, who fired the ball that got deflected from Ashley Young before ending at the back of the net.

In just three minutes, Shaqiri became a super sub that Liverpool needed to defeat United. However, it didn’t end here. As the Swiss midfielder received a back-heel pass from Roberto Firmino on the edge of the box. The Liverpool midfielder didn’t wait and once again fired the ball. Once again ball got a deflection from United defender before beating De Gea standing at the goal post.

Match Report

This was a much-needed win for Liverpool as it helped them in regaining the leader spot of the Premier League. Also, this win was a clear statement for Manchester City that the Merseyside Reds are coming for the Premier League trophy this time.


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